Views from the Sun Deck and Roof

The Bathrooms

So fill a cooler with ice and beverages, lather up with your sunscreen and be prepared to go home with a serious tan!

All 4 of the bedrooms at Cas-A-Beer are on the 2nd floor overlooking either the pool or the upstairs sun deck.  They are all designed exactly the same except for decor.  Each has its own private, secure entrance and sleeps up to 2 adults very comfortably.  There is a separate key for each room which includes a lockable security screen.  Features of the bedrooms include:

  • King size bed w/pillow top mattress 
  • Ceiling fans                
  • towels                          
  • En suite bathroom
  • Hair dryer
  • soaps
  • Air Conditioning
  • Safe

You may ask yourself, "Is it a poolside bar?  Is it a kitchen?  Is it a place to relax and unwind?"  At Cas-A-Beer it's whatever you want it to be.  Our poolside kitchen is fully equipped for the vacationer in you.  Situated at the back of the property under the bedrooms, its open design and easy access to the pool provides plenty of fun and convenience while supplying some often needed shade on those hot Mexican afternoons.  There's nothing better than being able to get out of the pool and walk dripping into the kitchen for a cold beverage or a snack.  It's all there, right at your fingertips.  

The Bedrooms

The Poolside Kitchen and Lounge Area

Looking south/southwest at Salina Grande.  There is a 2k walking/running path around this lake.

Welcome to

​Your fun time headquarters on Isla Mujeres!

Looking north through the colonia.

Looking east.  Only 2 blocks from the Ocean.

2nd Floor Sun Deck

Cas-A-Beer is a fully equipped, 4 bedroom house which comfortably sleeps up to 8 people.  Located in the middle of the island in Colonia Meteorologico, we are within a maximum  of 2 1/2 miles from any other point on the island.  

We think the bathrooms at Cas-A-Beer are so special they deserve their own shout-out.  How many times have you been in a situation where you were sharing a bathroom with someone and just when you needed to go, it was already occupied?  Or, don't you hate sharing a sink area with someone who leaves water and toothpaste splashed all over?  Or even worse, don't you hate sharing a bathroom with someone who won't stop nagging you about these things?  Well, that won't happen at Cas-A-Beer.  A large walk-in shower separates two individual half bathrooms, each with it's own toilet and sink.  Everybody gets their own half bathroom.  So, let the nagging stop and the relaxing begin.  

Near the pool entrance is a convenient bathroom and outdoor shower.  No need to run to your room to use the facilities.  (Sorry, this one you have to share!)  We also supply pool towels and a place to hang them to dry.

For the serious sun worshiper, we invite you to relax and enjoy our 2nd floor sun deck.  Located on the same level as the bedrooms, it provides convenience to "your stuff" as well as ALL DAY sun.

Did Somebody Say Pool?

Tired of getting sand in your lady parts?  Well then don't go to the beach.  Hang out at Cas-A-Beer's pool.   Our easy in/easy out salt water pool is in the sun every day of the year.  While you won't be swimming laps, the submerged bench is just the right height for sitting in the water with your elbows on the ledge and a cold drink at hand.  Getting too hot?  Slip in, cool off and re-position!  Or, for the serious tanner, a poolside lounge chair may be your position of choice.